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Psst! Wanna buy a great cabin business?                     In 2006, we joined with another couple renting our neighboring cabins together under the name, Log Cabins on Neil’s Creek.  That couple left the partnership in 2008 when they sold their cabin, and we have worked by ourselves with the one cabin, Elohi, ever since. Elohi means Earth Place in the Cherokee language. The cabin was already named when we bought it in 2006, and we never felt a need to change its name. Aptly named we thought, with all the elements which combine the meaning of Earth. We have so enjoyed dozing on the settin’ porch by the creek, listening to the water sometimes rushing along, other times at a meander making its music around and over the rocks. Now, we are ready to sell and retire. If you’ve stayed with us, you know what a great location we have. If you haven’t, come stay with us and find out!  If you have ever thought about having your own cabin in the mountains, or retiring to North Carolina, then why not let your choice pay for itself?  When we purchased Elohi cabin, the sale was split into two categories: the property, and the business. As our sellers acknowledged at the time, the ratio between the two was not important to them: the total was. We find ourselves in the same position. As a business, and as name recognition, we have built up one of the most successful property rentals in the South Toe River area. We believe the following factors have contributed to our success:     • Competitive prices     • Personal attention to questions and needs     • A two-tiered discount for both our returning renters, and our 5 star renters     • 365 days of listing     • Careful selection of advertising platforms We built this up from the starting point we received so that about one-third of our business is returning renters. These customers often stay multiple times a year, and they come to think of Elohi as their home away from home. North Carolina real estate law specifies that only owners or real estate brokers may manage vacation rentals. We have observed that broker-managed properties have consistently lower occupancy rates than owner-managed properties. The reason is fairly evident: the best business plan for a broker is to accumulate as many properties as possible, and then benefit from any nights booked at any of their properties, whereas an individual owner seeks to maximize the bookings at only their own property. The difference can be quite dramatic, even in peak periods. If you are an absentee owner as we were for many years, you can still manage your own property as effectively by hiring, as we do, cleaners and repair people. Managing the reservations is hassle-free, but allows you to inject the personal touch as desired. The yearly gross income is quite stable, and represents a much greater return than you can get from a CD nowadays. We believe this reflects the attraction of this property: it is one of the few properties bordering an official wild trout stream, within walking distance of waterfalls and Mt Mitchell hiking trails, and located inside the Pisgah National Forest. For many years, as we’ve said elsewhere, our climate in the mountains is pleasurably cool in summer and mild in winter. Many of the renters who visit our area have been coming here for years, and many have tried multiple properties. It is not surprising that so many of them want to come back. In proposing the sale of this combination of property and business, we include a five point transitional arrangement. We can help you by: Immediate transfer of all listings and advertising directly to you, to maintain continuity of outreach and service Share local resources: cabin cleaners, repair people, etc. Providing sales data to help you evaluate past and future performance Offering hands-on instruction in the software we use Editing this webpage to incorporate any changes you want to make. Working to introduce you to the client base, and thereby ease the transition So, you can see we want to help you to be as successful with this cabin as we have been. Whether you plan to keep it as a year round rental, reserve some personal use time, or translate it to 100% personal use, this could make your dream of owning a cabin in the North Carolina mountains affordable. How many other cabins can boast of being situated inside the National Forest?  And, besides enjoying the benefits of owning your own business, don’t forget the tax advantages that property ownership can bring!
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